I Will Never Be Shooting With A Zoom Lens Again

I know that is a big statement to make but this photo is the whole reason I only shoot with prime lenses. They are sharp from corner to corner, there is no color fringing and the contrast is just beautiful. The way I look at is Zeiss have been making prime lenses since the late 1800’s and to this day they still produce one of the highest quality product on the market. Prime lenses really make my photography very interesting and exciting and with a 15mm, 28mm, 50mm and the 135mm in my camera bag I feel I have whole range covered.


Goodbye Canon Red Rings Hello Zeiss Glass

Well it’s official I just sold my last Canon L lens and replaced it with the new Zeiss 135mm f2 ZE. Over the past year I have slowly replaced all of my lenses with Zeiss glass, the love affair started when I brought the Zeiss 15mm f2.8 ZE. Some people will think that I am nuts because all of the Zeiss lenses are manual focus only, but shooting with these lenses really makes me feel like I am a old world film photographer. I also love that all of the lenses are prime lenses because it doesn’t make me lazy by zooming in on my subject, I need to think about all aspects of my composition.


Incoming Storm Bringing In Large Waves

I could feel that there was a storm coming in very fast, so I had to work quickly to capture the waves crashing over the rocks. I discovered a little trick by accident, I always shoot my 5 or 7 exposures with a 2 second timer. When you are at the beach with crashing waves you will never be able to capture the waves you want because getting the timing right is to difficult. Switch your camera drive mode to multiple burst, that way you have control of when you want each exposure taken.


A 5 Minute Window Between The Rain

You can plan a photo trip hoping you will get great weather and color in the sky, but all the planning and weather app checking sometime never pans out. I made my down to the beach in the pouring rain with a thought in my head that I should turn around and go back to bed. I had about 5 minutes of color then It disappeared, I can say I have never work so fast before.


The Fishing Trawler Protected By A Blanket Of Clouds

I was walking along the seaway wall with my family when this fishing trawler sailed past. It felt like the cloud cover was protecting the boat and the sailers on their fishing journey. When I was editing I decided to leave the water behind the trawler ghosted (produced by Photomatix) and the water in front a little choppy and rough, I wanted a feeling of the trawler entering the dangerous open sea.


Washed Up Crab Pot Sepia a Style

Sometimes HDR images fall flat, either due to bad lighting or bland colors. When I was capturing this image I thought the finished photo would look pretty good but in post processing it really fell flat. I decided to try a sepia tone, a little trick I sometimes use. Before I turn a photo sepia or black and white I really ram up the colors. It seems to add a nice depth to the final image.