Incoming Storm Bringing In Large Waves

I could feel that there was a storm coming in very fast, so I had to work quickly to capture the waves crashing over the rocks. I discovered a little trick by accident, I always shoot my 5 or 7 exposures with a 2 second timer. When you are at the beach with crashing waves you will never be able to capture the waves you want because getting the timing right is to difficult. Switch your camera drive mode to multiple burst, that way you have control of when you want each exposure taken.


A 5 Minute Window Between The Rain

You can plan a photo trip hoping you will get great weather and color in the sky, but all the planning and weather app checking sometime never pans out. I made my down to the beach in the pouring rain with a thought in my head that I should turn around and go back to bed. I had about 5 minutes of color then It disappeared, I can say I have never work so fast before.


The Toughest Shot I Have Ever Captured

The whole time I was in this cave I felt like I was part of the Batman movie set, there where hundreds of tiny bats flying over my head. What I didn’t realize was how many different shadow and light sources there were throughout the cave. After about an hour of capturing many different compositions I felt like I had a couple of keepers.

Thank you to Gold Coast City Council for the history below.

Discovering Natural Bridge

It is documented that two timber getters, Alexander (Sandy) Duncan and Din Guinea were the first Europeans to sight the Natural Bridge.

They were cutting timber in the rain forest just above what was then an unnamed stream. Sandy had reportedly gone down to the creek for water to boil the billy when he came upon the bridge and cave.

From then on the local timber getters and later settlers referred to the place as the Natural Bridge.


The Fishing Trawler Protected By A Blanket Of Clouds

I was walking along the seaway wall with my family when this fishing trawler sailed past. It felt like the cloud cover was protecting the boat and the sailers on their fishing journey. When I was editing I decided to leave the water behind the trawler ghosted (produced by Photomatix) and the water in front a little choppy and rough, I wanted a feeling of the trawler entering the dangerous open sea.


Loosing Yourself In Post Processing

I really love being out there capturing the world but there is something so cool about editing your photos on the computer. I always edit my photos late at night while listening to soundtrack music and I always have a few candles burning. Some photos can take 30 minutes and some like this photo can take 4 hours, if someone asked me the steps I took to get to the final result. The answer will always be the same “I really can’t remember what I did, I just enjoyed the music as it takes me to a very creative place”


File Conversion Makes All The Difference

For years I have captured images in RAW and then convert them to JPEG before editing. I have always been disappointed at the output result from Photomatix JPEG conversion. I decided to test this image with the mystical theory that if you convert your RAW images to TIFF then import them into Photomatix your image will have a sharper end result. I sill can’t believe the difference between JPEG and TIFF, it’s like comparing it to a cheap knock off canon lens to a top of the line ZEISS lens. The difference is epic.


The Old Australian Post Office

There is something that gets me excited every time I shoot old rustic buildings with a interesting history, I think it’s the whole mystery of who worked there were there any important letters that were sorted through this post office. This building was not only the local post office in the area but also the main phone switch board for the Beenleigh district.


It’s Amazing What You Can Find Just By Walking Around

There is something special about planning a photo adventure and discovering all of these little hidden treasures just by walking around. After capturing the new part of the boat ramp I decided to walk through the bush until I came across the flattened area which overlooked a huge dam with an epic hinterland view.