A Sense Of Movement

A few months back I found out about these drummers that come to Burleigh Beach every Sunday afternoon, I thought it would be a cool family trip. When we arrived there was only one drummer just creating a beat spontaneously, after a few minutes four more drummers came and joined in. It was truly awesome because the five drummers didn’t have any songs or music sheets to go by, instead one drummer would start with a beat then the rest would join in I had never seen anything like it. As I moved forward to show my two daughters the drums the older lady brought her drum over for them to play it, they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Because I wanted a sense of movement in the photo I decided to slow down the shutter speed.

All images © 2013 Mark Hobson


A Little Surprise

It’s funny you set off on a photo adventure with lots of ideas and things you want to capture, I have learnt after going on many adventures you always seem to come across something unexpected. I have no idea if this fire was meant to be used or it was built by children, what ever it was really made for an interesting photo. I used large fstop I think it was f16, this slowed the shutter speed down slow enough to give the ocean a dreamy look.

All images © 2013 Mark Hobson


Falling In Love With Black and White Photography

Awhile back I discovered a new filter for photoshop by Nik Software called Silver FX pro 2 , rumor has it the team sat down with a few old school black and white photographers and found out what was missing with the modern photoshop filters. After many months of discussions and planing the team came up with this very impressive filter, it is truly remarkable the options and results this filter can give. One of the options I really love is the fact you can choose the old film that you could buy back in the day, you can even add a nice vignetting to give it that extra pop.

I was on my way to work when I came across the Mudgeeraba show grounds, I had driven past here so many times but never gone inside. The way the sun caught the tree and created this very picturesque shadow, the composition screamed out black and white Silver FX pro 2 filter.

All images © 2013 Mark Hobson


A Very Special Journey With My Daughters

I had wanted to take my daughters up to Springbrook and let them experience the rainforest and see if they could spot some animals. I knew my daughters would like it but I had no idea how much they would love the whole experience, I think they showed me more than I showed them. We walked along the rainforest path for about 30 minutes when we spotted this waterfall, their shoes were off within seconds and they were both drinking the fresh water, we would of kept making our way down the bottom of the waterfall but the sun was beaming down and it became very hot. I love the way the water falls upon the orange of these rocks at the bottom.

All images © 2013 Mark Hobson


The Door To Safety

This would have to be the coolest door I had ever seen, it was under the alter of the Anglican Church. I would of loved to know the history because I believe it was over 100 years old, once you walk through it I felt like I went back in time. The gentleman that showed me around explained that this door lead down to the bomb shelter in the basement for people who needed refuge in the church during the war. On the way to the basement they had very thin slits in the wall so they could shoot their guns at their enemy’s and be well protected. Luckily they never had to use the basement or take on any enemy’s through the wall.


All images © 2013 Mark Hobson


Memorial To The Fallen

What an honor this place is, a memorial to pay your respects to the fallen. In the middle is an eternal flame that never goes out in respect to the men and woman who put their lives on the line to make this a free country. This memorial is located in Brisbane City and once you are there the memorial is the entrance to the beautiful gardens that are set below.


All images © 2013 Mark Hobson

For Rent

This church is right in the heart of Brisbane city, and as you walk down the main street of Brisbane you would never guess that there was such a beautiful church hidden between modern buildings. What is great about this church was there was a tour guide, an older gentleman showed and told me everything there was to know about how this church came about, one story that stuck with me was the story of the blue chairs. To make ends meet during the war the local families of the area would rent there phew out to people who wanted to attend the Sunday services. Each church phew has a number and if you were to look inside the old register you would see the families name, phew number and how much they had paid for it.


All images © 2013 Mark Hobson

Just Enjoy The Experience

I composed this photo with the top phi points along the horizon and the bottom phi points where the rocks that sit on the sand. I had set up my camera to capture a 7 shot exposure -3, -2,-1,0,+1,+2,+3. The surfer in the photo with the red surfboard started to walk into the shot so it was one of those situations that if I over thought my settings I would of missed the photo opportunity. I quickly changed my camera to capture one shot instead of the 7 shot exposure, I changed the settings so that the surfer would not be in a different part of each photo.


All images © 2013 Mark Hobson


Sister Rocks

I know this rock has been photographed a million times but I thought I would try to capture a different angle. I read a article in a magazine a few months ago about how the human eye tries to make sense out of objects that are in the foreground and in the distance of a scene. For example you are at this epic scene where there are mountains all around the running stream, some mountains are right in front of you and some are in the distance. The human eye works out that all of the mountains are about the same size, the two rocks I photographed believe it or not have a big difference in their sizes. The rock in front is about half the size as the rock in the distance, but the human eye works out that they are about the same size. I achieved this by crouching down and lining up the two rocks, it is a fun little trick once you can master it.


All images © 2013 Mark Hobson

Holy Smokes Batman

As you start to enter the cave you walk down some very slippery stairs, you can hear the roar of the water cascading through the hole. I wanted to capture the waterfall from the back of the cave, but to achieve this I would need to walk through the thick mud. I decided to place a plastic bag over my camera to protect it from the water spray. I don’t know if any of you have tried composing a photo with a plastic bag blowing around, let me tell you it’s not as easy as it sounds. I knew because the cave was so dark I set my camera to capture a three shot exposure and I wanted the waterfall to have that dreamy look about it so I set my aperture quite high f11. While I was waiting for my exposure set to finish I was looking around and right above me were hundreds and hundreds of bats just hanging upside down.

All images © 2013 Mark Hobson